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New Brunswick, NJ, USA

This stunning dowsing pendulum necklace is made from herkimer diamond quartz point handwrapped in gold wire and extended from 18kt gold chain.

Item can be worn as a long necklace, as a Y Lariat at three different lengths, or the chain and dowsing pendulum may be used/ worn separately (see pictures).

A pendulum is a symmetrical, weighted object, often crystal, hung from a chain or cord (traditionally at an 8 inch drop, as is ours from its gold ringed handle). It allows the user tune in to their intuitive powers, acting to acknowledge and transmit information, moving different ways in response to the questions one asks.

Our raw quartz point pendulum is comprised of the purest materials without molding, resin, or polymer composite. Many "perfect" shaped pendulums are only a percentage actual crystal and violently tumbled and molded to a point. We use only pure raw stone in our pendulums. Crystal and metal are known for their *natural* and pure energy transmitting properties.

Pendulum dowsing can be performed for healing purposes, to cleanse negativity, in the answering of yes/ no questions, and to find that which is lost.

Raw Quartz Pendulum Necklace for Crystal Dowsing

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Genuine Raw Quartz crystal point.  Can be charged in the sunlight of your windowsill for maximum healing energy transmission.


    Handcrafted in a 100% vegan friendly manner.


    Wipe clean.  Handle with loving care.